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As the leading global automotive and fleet wholesaler, CAS Auto delivers outstanding quality and service providing unmatched pricing on new Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Vans, and Commercial Vehicles. CAS Auto has contractual relationships with automakers and buys directly from them, their distributors, and dealer groups around the world. We bring you the best deals anywhere! 

At CAS Auto, we understand the challenges of the car rental industry, and we’re committed to helping businesses like yours stay ahead of the competition. Our innovative inventory solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of car rental companies, providing top-quality vehicles that enhance your fleet and streamline your operations.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, CAS Auto has the expertise and resources to help you succeed. With a reputation for outstanding quality and service and a commitment to customer satisfaction, CAS Auto is the go-to source for all your automotive and fleet needs. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

Why Choose CAS Auto for your Car Rental Business?

Global Sourcing

We secure the lowest prices available anywhere in the world.

Global Presence

With operations in key locations around the world, we have the expertise and resources to meet your fleet requirements wherever you are.

Direct-from-Manufacturer Inventory

Our ongoing inventory supply is sourced directly from the manufacturer, ensuring that you have access to the latest models and top-quality vehicles that meet your unique needs.

Customized Solutions

We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and provide tailored inventory solutions that enhance your fleet and drive your business forward.

Logistics Services

Our in-house team delivers vehicles to you from anywhere in the world.

Duty Free

We buy duty-free vehicles for export outside of their home market.

Dedicated Support

Our team of experts is available around the clock to provide the support you need, from inventory management to logistics and beyond.





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