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With fuel prices climbing and emission regulations tightening, electric and hybrid vehicles are entering CAS Auto as available cars for export. As battery technology continues to progress, electric and hybrid cars have started to become more feasible alternatives for both consumers and fleets. 

Transitioning to a new-age EV will be easiest with a hybrid vehicle. These electrified cars come with a small electric motor and battery to assist the primary gasoline engine. With a hybrid, you’ll find a noticeable increase in fuel efficiency without modifying the ownership experience. These cars run on only gasoline and do not need to be recharged.  

With a plug-in hybrid vehicle, you’ll receive a larger battery capable of powering the car on its own. In order to reap the full benefits of a plug-in hybrid, you will need to charge it after each use. These cars are equipped with both an electric and gasoline motor. Once the electric power is drained, the car will swap to gasoline power. These cars will have even greater fuel efficiency with the option to run on just electricity but without a compromise on range.  

Finally, fully electric cars ditch gasoline entirely and rely on just batteries and electric motors. Today’s electric cars have ranges anywhere from 200 to 400 miles, more than enough for daily commutes. Using fast chargers, a fully electric car can recharge in just 15 to 30 minutes. However, if charging overnight you’ll start each day with a full “tank” ridding the need for most refill instances.   

Why Buy an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle from CAS Auto?

As the leading global automotive and fleet wholesaler, CAS Auto delivers outstanding quality and service providing unmatched pricing on new Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Vans, and Commercial Vehicles. CAS Auto has contractual relationships with automakers and buy directly from them, their distributors, and dealer groups around the world. We bring you the best deals anywhere! 

If you are a dealer, fleet operator, rental agency, or represent a business that requires a steady supply of brand-new vehicles, we’re confident that we have the smart inventory and fleet solutions that you need. We will provide you with unbeatable prices that lead to greater customer satisfaction for your clients.

Global Sourcing

We secure the lowest prices available anywhere in the world.

Volume Purchases

Our buying power means steep discounts for our customers.

Logistics Services

Our in-house team delivers vehicles to you from anywhere in the world.

Duty Free

We buy duty free vehicles for export outside of their home market.


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