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It’s hard to match the elegance of British engineering. Both Jaguar and Land Rover have been synonymous with “class” over their multi-decade lifespans. Merging in 2013, the luxury powerhouse offers high-class vehicles in all segments. With the two British giants joining forces, an extensive lineup of cars for export are made available.

Since its introduction in the mid-1930s, Jaguar has been a pillar in British automotive history. Producing cars besting both the luxury and sportiness of their German and Italian rivals, Jaguar cemented a name for themselves. For most of its history, the company’s lineup consisted of luxury sedans, grand tourers, and occasional sports cars. Today, the brand features a more holistic approach, offering various SUVs with the same Jaguar luxury standards.

When comparing SUVs, it’s hard to ignore the other half of the company.  Birthed in the 1940s, Land Rover was not always known for the luxury displayed today. Originating with boxy and durable SUVs, Land Rover created utilitarian vehicles to go anywhere the standard SUV couldn’t. At the turn of the century, Land Rover would change its philosophy, adding the globally recognizable British elegance seen today. While today’s Land Rovers are far posher than early examples, these SUVs are still capable of going off-road when needed.

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