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A vehicle capable of traversing any terrain, Toyota’s Land Cruiser has been a popular choice as an export vehicle for over seven decades. A counterpart to Jeep’s Wrangler, the Land Cruiser was derived through captured American Willys Jeeps in WWII. Early models of the Japanese trucks were more spartan in their offerings, owed to their wartime heritage. However, at the turn of the century, Toyota gave the Land Cruiser a second life as a more upscale offering. Plush interior materials throughout the cabin, premium technology features, and a softened design make the Land Cruiser an excellent fleet package.  

As a more premium option, Toyota made no compromises on the Land Cruisers’ capabilities or reliability. Despite its modern appearance, today’s Land Cruiser is still capable of conquering trails in any condition. A feat of engineering, its naturally aspirated engines has been known to travel hundreds of thousands of miles without concern.  

A recent survey has found that the average automaker only has 1 percent of its models reach 200,000 miles. Meanwhile, over 16 percent of Land Cruisers reached that milestone with ease, the most out of any vehicle surveyed.  

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