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CAS Auto Headquaters Team

Carlos Estrada
EMEA & The Caribbean
English Español Français

Olekssi Vozrud
Russia / Eastern Europe
English Russian Ukranian

Romulo Canizales
Latin America
English Español

Henry Hidalgo
English Español Francais Deutsche

Jacob Merjanian
English Arabic Armenian

Lazaro Chaple
English Español

Regional Sales Reps

James Dando
Sub Saharan Africa
+27 82 775 9294

Jonathan Lenain
West and Central Africa
English Français

Jose Talavera
English Español

Luis Acevedo
Dominican Republic
English Español

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For Immediate Assistance, Please Call Us At:

+1 (305) 835 9000

Chile: 022-9382520
Colombia: 1-3441316
Georgia: 870-6070397
Panama: 833-9611
Paraguay: 009800110361 (Toll Free)
Peru: 017083717
Ukraine: 0947102152
Russia: 84996092800