Our History

Our History

Founded in 1985, CAS Auto is the premiere global vehicle remarketer, acquiring and selling individual cars and entire fleets of new, unused vehicles from manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

First launched as College Auto Sales, CAS Auto built its business and reputation as a pioneer and innovator, identifying and filling emerging needs in the ever-changing automotive market. It is a story of evolution and reinvention, with unwavering integrity and dedication to customers, partners, and suppliers.

Over the years, what began as a small, local, used car dealership in Miami, Florida, grew into a multi-division global automotive entity with more than 20,000 active buyers around the world.


College Auto Sales was established as a family owned and operated used car dealership providing affordable, reliable cars and financing to underserved college students in Miami. Working together, the family of five made a real impact on young people who long faced neglect from other car dealers and struggled to have their vehicle needs met.

International students in particular shared their positive experiences with their families. This created unexpected opportunities with buyers overseas who were attracted to CAS’ consistent inventory of quality, low-priced vehicles.

Building interest abroad, and CAS’ existing international contacts, led the company into the overcrowded vehicle export business. This was a problem. The founders were cautious. They would only enter the market if they could find a unique strategy to differentiate the company from conventional competitors.

The solution came when they recognized the distinct value advantages of lower international labor costs and all that entails. The result was CAS’ first evolution: the export and remarketing of damaged, mechanically defective, and salvage vehicles.

CAS purchased high-quality, repairable vehicles in the United States and sold them at low prices to international buyers who would ship the vehicles abroad, have them repaired, and sell them for much higher profits than ever before. As the pioneer in this new business model, CAS’ efforts in acquiring and retailing individual cars proved very successful.

The company knew that innovative thinking was the key to further growth in the market. While continuing to develop its network and establishing relationships in other segments of the industry, they found an overlooked opportunity to acquire damaged vehicles directly from insurance companies. This direction transformed CAS from a primarily B2C business into a viable fleet vehicle solution resource.

In early 2001, CAS was contacted by a major vehicle manufacturer that needed help with a fleet of new, unsold international inventory that could no longer be sold through conventional sales channels. This led to a great relationship and a newfound way to acquire fleet vehicles that could be either sold individually, in smaller groups, or in their entirety to fleet operators around the world.

After decades of continuous growth and expansion, CAS was restructured in 2016 as CAS Automotive Group, LLC which controls multiple specialized divisions that could focus on individual segments of the automotive market. CAS Auto, LLC was created specifically to serve the export market with new, discounted vehicles direct from the manufacturer.

In 2020, the entire world was affected by the pandemic. But CAS Automotive Group would not accept the status quo. The team grabbed the reins and confronted challenges head on by introducing a dedicated logistics division to deal with supply chain disruptions.


CAS Auto is a world renowned export vehicle specialist, offering incredible value, opportunity, convenience, support, and innovative solutions for buying and selling individual cars or entire fleets. Our inventory includes the most desirable international vehicle brands and models. We purchase them brand new, direct from the manufacturer.

With a large inventory of new and unused vehicles for export, internal logistics services, global reach, and an established network of distribution channels, CAS Auto is your ultimate source for global vehicle solutions at discount prices.

Register now and see why CAS Auto is the ideal trading partner for businesses and organizations dealing in new vehicles. Our unbeatable dedication to customer service, professionalism, integrity, and long term relationships, provide a highly experienced team that will address your unique needs as a customer, or partner, from start to finish.