Our Values

Core Values

CAS Auto’s team of expert professionals is led by our company’s guiding principles to provide customers and partners with quality vehicles, exceptional service, and dedicated support. Transparency and integrity are the foundation of our business.

Our Mission

CAS Auto understands the complexity of the ever-changing automotive industry. We create tailored solutions for our suppliers, opportunities for our trade partners, and real value for our customers for the benefit of everyone involved.

As a trusted global team intent on continuing to innovate and improve the industry, CAS Auto will make every effort to grow our customer and supplier base, further expanding in all major worldwide markets.

Count on CAS Auto for:


At CAS Auto, we are committed to providing excellent value and finding the best opportunities available in the market to meet our customers’ needs. We offer fair and transparent pricing at all levels, from individual vehicles to large fleet acquisitions.

Customer Service

CAS Auto recognizes the important role that each of our employees has in ensuring every transaction is successful. Every member of our team is a trained and experienced professional that is dedicated to your needs and will serve you in a reliable, efficient, and friendly manner.

We value our customers’ business and maintain an ongoing effort to continuously improve and streamline our process to make it as easy and convenient for them as possible.


Since our company was founded in 1985, CAS has kept trust at the forefront of our business model. It was a revolutionary concept in the industry when we began and has been critical to our success in building sustained, long-term relationships.

We will always be transparent with our customers and business partners, continuing to grow our brand equity through all interactions with them.


CAS Auto is dedicated to providing the most convenient automotive solutions possible. With a constant stream of large inventory worldwide and buying power to purchase and sell entire fleets, our team offers top-notch vehicle evaluation services, maintains an extensive parts and vehicle support network, and offers in-house shipping and logistics services. CAS Auto promises to be your one-stop, full-service vehicle inventory solution.

ICARE Values



Practice and reflect high ethical standards and principles.

  • Lead with good intentions and your actions will follow.
  • Do the right thing even when no one is looking.
  • Honesty, truthfulness, and respect are keys to success.
  • Align your conduct with excellence.



Be open and honest in expression – allow others to do the same.

  • Listen to others without shutting them down. There may be something to learn.
  • Practice candor by doing things together.
  • We can all do better if we recognize our strengths and shortcomings.



Accept responsibility for your actions, decisions, and behavior.

  • Accept accountability of a project from reception to outcome and everything in between.
  • Own it, don’t deflect your responsibility when you’re wrong.
  • We must hold ourselves accountable for our actions and behavior.



Grow and maintain relationships with customers, vendors, and colleagues.

  • We are stronger when united, our goals aligned, and we respond as one.
  • We encourage teamwork to accomplish audacious goals.
  • We treat others as we want to be treated – it is key to our success.



Every day brings a new opportunity to learn something valuable.

  • Always invest time, effort, and resources in those who are hungry to learn.
  • Innovate and improve – never be satisfied with the status quo.
  • Encourage others to seek knowledge because information is strength.
  • Find ways to do things better and more efficiently – research, learn, practice, and implement.