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CAS Auto Strengthens Team with Addition of Tony Voorhout 

Tony Joins CAS Auto to Drive Value and Service in Central and East Africa

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CAS Auto proudly welcomes Mr. Tony Voorhout as our newest Regional Sales Consultant, specializing in Central and East Africa. With a remarkable career spanning decades in the automotive industry, Mr. Voorhout brings valuable expertise and exceptional leadership to our team.

Mr. Voorhout, who was formerly the managing director of Nissan Kenya, has a wealth of expertise working with prestigious organizations including Toyota Tsusho Africa and Southern Cross Motors Ltd. His exceptional business expertise, sharp decision-making skills, and commitment to customer satisfaction make him an invaluable asset to CAS Auto. 

“We are excited to have Tony Voorhout on board,” said Kyle Gilliam, Director of Sales at CAS Auto. “His deep industry knowledge and remarkable achievements will enhance our ability to provide exceptional service and tailored solutions to clients in Central and East Africa.” 

Mr. Voorhout’s insights will contribute to CAS Auto’s mission of providing exceptional solutions and personalized services to our partners, including Dealerships, Rental Agencies, Brokers, Governments, and NGO’s. 

As CAS Auto continues to grow and expand its presence in the automotive industry, the addition of Tony Voorhout exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized service. We look forward to the positive impact Mr. Voorhout will bring on our team and the enhanced experiences we will deliver to our valued clients across Central and East Africa.

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CAS Auto Strengthens Team with Addition of 
Tony Voorhout

Tony Voorhout

Regional Sales Consultant for
Central and East Africa